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10 Tips to Learn Python in 2022!

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Hello everyone, it’s David Praise, and here are my 10 tips on how to learn python in this year 2022.

Learning Python can be difficult if you don’t have a proper roadmap to follow. In this tutorial, I’ll provide you my 10 tips I’ve used to master python throughout the past 5 years of programming. Let’s get started.

1. Get rid of I’m too old to learn how to program mentality.

  You are never too young or too old to learn how to program. And don’t worry about the wasted years, as I once knew a friend who committed 6 months to learn how to program, and he’s doing quite well now.

2. Develop computational thinking skills.

Programming isn’t about learning a tool like Python, JavaScript, etc. It’s all about developing a skill that allows you to take a complex problem, understand what the problem is about and develop a possible solution.

3. Spend quality time gathering quality resources.

There are tons of information out there on the internet, both free and paid, so spend some time seeing which ones resonate well with you.

4. Don’t spend time learning the basics for too long to start building projects.

One of the best and most practical ways to develop your skills in programming is by the building project. It can be a big project or mini-ones, so if you’re starting, I’ll recommend mini-projects you can finish within a week or 2. Search online for this.

5. Learn data structures and algorithms and solve lots of coding problems.

Starting with your journey, you might not understand how useful they are, however when you’re looking to build optimized solutions for an application, you’ll want to solve the problem by using minimum system resources such as memory and processing time.

Imagine trying to make a quick google search and you got your result in the next 10 seconds? Yeah, that’s frustrating.

6. Practice Object-oriented programming.

You might not understand the importance of it at the start; however, its purpose is to exchange messages within your program. And it also helps when working with a large team, as it allows you to break up your code into smaller chunks, making it easy to maintain, test, and debug your code.

7. Create a blog or a YouTube channel and a social media account.

To help keep track of your experience and projects you’ve worked on in the past. In addition, it also helps you understand the concept well, enough to explain it to a wide range of audience who want to learn and job-wise, it sets your standards high and makes you visible in terms of employees scouring through your published works to know what your expertise is on.

8. Learn how to work with Content Management System (CMS), like Git/ GitHub.

It’s a good way to share the code you’ve done, and it’s an important part of software development to help you keep track of changes you’ve made in your code and also make Collaboratory work much easier.

9. Finding out how to solve problems you can’t solve.

When you don’t know how to solve a problem, you need to be quite comfortable using google (StackOverflow, blogpost, GitHub Repos, YouTube) to find similar problems or concepts that will help you tackle that problem.

10. My Final Tip:

Keep practicing and try to learn something new everyday.

What’s Next?

Now, what’s next? As you have received all these useful information, it’s time to kick-start and accelerate your career path this year. Check out the further reading on tutorials which can get you started.

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