Top 3 reasons why you should attend Hackathons

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Artificial intelligence battle ground

Hello NeuraSpikers. I’m excited to inform you that Neuraspike was recently featured by the organization Best Belgrade in Serbia. They are one of the organizers of the Artificial Intelligence BattleGround Hackathons (AIBG).

If you aren’t already familiar with AIBG, it’s an all-inclusive programming competition in the field of artificial intelligence.

Here, four members are provided with only 20 hours to design a functional intelligent bot that will play an already developed video game by itself using any programming language that utilizes API calls.

Back to been featured, here’s the video along with the transcript for you below.

Hello, I’m David Praise, Founder of NeuraSpike, and Artificial Intelligence Engineer at 3Lite.

Top 3 reasons why you should attend Hackathons

Here are three key reasons I will be attending a hackathon by the organization Best Belgrade.

  • Firstly, over the years hackathon has enhanced my approach to tackling problems relating to Data Science. As a result, I am able to find better solutions more quickly.
  • Secondly, being in a competitive environment improves my focus and encourages critical thinking as a unique skill. These attributes boost my ability to excel in the work environment as they are crucial in the field of Artificial intelligence.
  • Thirdly, Hackathon exposes competitors to new and challenging concepts while facilitating teams working under pressure. This has impacted me in an amazing way by reinforcing the value of teamwork and communication.

Make sure you make to attend this year’s hackathon.

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If you are a student within Serbia be sure to sign up for the upcoming hackathon coming up on the 11th and 12th of December 2020 here. The long night will be hosted online.

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